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Why MyWebHub?

We make securing your piece of "internet real estate" very easy!

We bring your Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Open2View, and company webpages together in one easy to find location, branded with Your Name!

With so many webpages scattered across the internet, it's almost impossible to ensure that potential clients get to the information that you want them to see ... quickly and easily!

What we do is bring everything together "under one roof", and give you a single, easily found, easily managed, perfectly named, "online home".

There's no need to duplicate everything about you that's already online. MyWebHub, allows you to utilise it all in a smarter, more efficient way!

No more telling people to "find you on facebook", "search for you on LinkedIn", or "clicking endlessly through the company website" to find you.

Just send them to yourname.co.nz, and it's all there!.


Your MyWebHub site is ...

  • Smart - Making all your online activities available in one place!
  • Professional - Clean, modern, mobile-friendly design!
  • Branded - Built on yourname.co.nz - building your brand!
  • Affordable - Most of a full websites features - at a fraction of the cost!
  • Memorable - If people know your name, they know your website address!


MyWebHub Explained

The concept: "A simple, concise, branded, online entry point for your potential clients to find out everything about you ..... all in one place."

Your MyWebHub website is built on yourname.co.nz, and this becomes your "online home" around which all your online activities revolve. We then link your page directly to any outside resources of your choosing.

Over time, you might change your job, the company your work for, where you live, social media accounts, phone numbers, your email address, but unless you go into 'Witness Protection' ... your name stays the same!

If your circumstances change, we simply change a few settings on your MyWebHub page, and "it's business as usual". Why? Because your name stays the same - so your "online home" stays the same!

Your Personal Brand is all about you .... and MyWebHub helps to enhance that brand every time someone searches for your name!

Some of our Happy Clients

MyWebHub Pricing

PRICE:$167 per year (Plus one off $100 set up fee)

Includes ...

  • One year of Domain Name registration
  • One year of Website Hosting
  • One year of maintenance and updates
  • Terms ...

  • Full payment ($267) due with order.
  • Delivery: Within 7 days (although usually much sooner).
  • No fixed term. Renewals are optional.
  • Cancel any time. No refunds.
  • Annual renewals: $167 (domain & webhosting) billed 7 days prior to the anniversary of original order.

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